Selected press and features:

Teen Vogue: “The Kaleidoscope Society Is Smashing ADHD Stigma for Women and Girls
By Brittney McNamara. December 12, 2016


Hello Giggles: “How this organization is fighting the stigma and supporting girls with ADHD” By Cameron Glover. December 12, 2016


Broadly | VICE: “No One Believes You Have ADHD, Especially If You’re a Girl” by Gabby Bess. November 6, 2015


ADDitude Magazine: “Wonder Women: 6 Inspiring ADHD Heroines” by Eileen Bailey. Summer 2016 “Why More Young Women Are Getting Treated for ADHD Symptoms” By Karin Klein. September 4, 2016


Bustle: “How to Survive At Work When You’re A Woman With ADHD” By S.B. CASTAÑEDA. Aug 29 2016


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