Angela Aguirre: Chicana Feminist Poet thriving with ADHD

Angela Aguirre

Angela Aguirre is a published poet, performer, teaching artist, and advocate for students with special needs. She is the co-founder of the Latina Feminist poetry collective Chingona Fire which works to curate events and workshops for women of color in Los Angeles.

When Angela was first diagnosed with ADHD in 2006, she was told by a counselor at her community college that “school just wasn’t for some people.” In this TEDx talk, Angela explores her journey from initial diagnosis to college graduate, to published author, to co-founder of Chingona Fire, to Huffington Post contributor, and most recently, honoree of Senator Anthony Portantino’s ten Women of the Year for 2017. Angela dives into her story to share how she not only is living, but thriving with ADHD.

Your legacy does not have to look the same as anyone else’s. My life hasn’t turned out at all the way I imagined it, it has turned out better. The moment I began to embrace the part of who I am that makes me different instead of rejecting it is the moment I began to live my fullest life.

Learn more about Angela on her website Chingona Fire and get a copy of her first poetry book Confession of a Firework.


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