“Broken Brain” film journeys inside an ADHD mind

You don’t always see what you’re not looking for.

Imagine being stuck with a brain you can’t explain. After thirty years, the dots finally start to connect. Penny expresses her emotional journey after coming to terms with her recent diagnoses.

This short film was directed by Hayley Repton, whose work aims to “highlight the obstacles and opportunities throughout the journey of life.” The film features the story of Penny Jarrett, a blogger, Mental Health Activist and Youth mentor based in London, U.K. Learn more about Penny’s ADHD journey on her blog.


  • Amazing! Penny, Haley, and Kaleidoscope, thank you. Thank you all for sharing the story of an intelligent, insightful, and creative woman with ADHD. I have never seen my own experience so accurately portrayed with such skill, beauty and grace.

  • Sophie Abitbol says:

    My daughter was diagnosed at age 8, and now at age 19, I still don’t feel like I understand her ADHD. This film helped me see through her eyes in a way that I never have been able to before. Thank you.

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