Celebrating Kaleidoscope Society and introducing Minds of All Kinds

Margaux with ADHD self-advocates and experts.

Announcement: After 8 years of smashing ADHD stigma, Kaleidoscope Society as a project is coming to completion. To meet the evolving needs of the community we are launching Minds of All Kinds, a new platform for neurodivergent individuals to learn about their conditions, connect with peers, and educate others in their communities.

Letter from our founder

Dear Kaleidoscope Society Community,

I started Kaleidoscope Society after my own ADHD diagnosis in 2014. I was struggling to find information and community for adult women, and wanted to help others like me feel less alone.

In 2015 we launched KaleidoscopeSociety.com the first-of-its-kind content platform for and by women with ADHD.  

What we accomplished together

Over the past 8 years, we paved the way for greater recognition, understanding and support for adult women with ADHD:

Stigma Smashing – We documented the diverse lived experiences of women with ADHD to dispel stigma at a time when no other platform was doing so.

Trusted Content – We collaborated with leading experts to publish empowering and accessible content visited by over half a million people on our website, podcast and social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Global Advocacy – We advocated for women with ADHD at high profile forums like the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the International Conference on ADHD, and through interviews with media outlets like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Fast Company and PopSugar. 

A few (of many) highlights

The impact of Kaledioscope Society goes beyond awards and page views. We have received many letters from women who felt alone until they saw their experiences reflected on our website.

One story that stands out is from a woman in North Carolina. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 after reading one of the interviews on our website. Recognizing her own symptoms, she sought a professional diagnosis. While reading the stories on Kaledioscope Society, she couldn’t stop crying because she finally felt seen and understood. Finding our community gave her the courage to speak up, seek help, and get support for ADHD.

Closing this chapter, and starting a new one

The world has changed and so have the needs of our community.

When we launched Kaleidoscope Society TikTok didn’t exist yet, and there were 2 posts on instagram with the hastag #ADHDWomen. Today there are millions of posts on social media about ADHD in women, and a wave of content creators, experts and orgs now focusing on supporting women with ADHD. It’s been a privilege to amplify the work of many of these organizations including ADHD Babes, Yellow Chair Collective, and Unlocking ADHD.

I’m proud of the role Kaleidoscope Society has played to create awareness and dispel stigma, and empower others to speak out and be leaders in their workplaces, schools and communities.

Kaleidoscope Society as a project will be considered “completed” as of December 31, 2023. Our website and digital content will remain available as an archive through the end of 2024.

What’s next?

I am excited to continue my mission with the launch of Minds of All Kinds, a new platform for neurodivergent community to learn, connect and lead. I invite you to learn more and join one of our upcoming events or programs!

With gratitude

Immense gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this project over the years. Special thanks to:

Alex Oviatt, Amanda Fischer, Arbre’ya Lewis, Barry Lai, Beatrice Ursula, Brian Quint, Brookley Wofford, Cathy Rashidian, Celeste Gordon, Daniel Koludrovich, Dr. Dawn Brown, Drew Dakessian, Eleni Pallas, Emily Amarnick, Erika Wenzel, Evelyn Ruiz, Franck Yelles, Gabriel Joffe, Haye Anderson, Jayme Estep, Dr. John Burton, Julie Casali, Kate Duhamel, Kryzz Gautier, Dr. Lara Honos Webb, Linda Yoon, Liz Lewis, Liz Plank, Luciana Almeida, Marcus Taylor, Marissa Ampon, Melissa Farman, Melinda James, Dr. Michelle Frank, Moonlake Lee, Natalie Joffe, Nelson Navarrete, Nicole Frangione, Perla Garcia, René Brooks, Shae Lisa Jackson, Shannon Grace, Stephanie Reaves, Toya Haynes, Torrian Timms, Tricia Clark-Stone, Dr. Vania Manipod and others!

Thank you for each of you who has been a part of my own healing journey over the past decade.

Kaleidoscope Society has been a deeply personal and transformative undertaking. It’s changed my life and the lives of so many others.

I’m proud that the legacy of Kaleidoscope Society will remain a colorful thread in the larger movement to empower neurodivergent and disabled women everywhere.  

So let’s continue this journey, embracing our uniqueness, and supporting each other as we move forward.

With love,

Margaux Joffe Signature

Margaux Joffe

Founder, Kaleidoscope Society

Image Description: Margaux Joffe with ADHD advocates, creatives and experts (left to right, top to bottom): Haye Anderson, Liz Plank, Torrian Timms, Evelyn Ruiz, Dr. Dawn Brown, Dr. Lara Honos Webb, René Brooks, Margaux Joffe, Moonlake Lee, Liz Lewis, Cathy Rashidian, Linda Yoon and Dr. Michelle Frank.

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