Christy Turner’s Story

I’m feisty and loyal. I speak my mind and don’t hold anything back. If you have anything to say – just speak it.



Christy Turner
El Paso, Texas
Diagnosed at 6 years old and 18 years old
Combined Subtype

How did you feel when you were diagnosed?

I knew I had ADHD – because I could never sit still and I was diagnosed so young. My dad has it too and its hereditary so I wasn’t really surprised. When I was diagnosed I was kind of relieved because I knew that I could handle it. The only thing is other people don’t really know how to deal with it. I’m always being told “Calm down Christy”. People just don’t always understand. With ADD though, I was a little upset. I didn’t like that at all. I knew that there was a reason I couldn’t pay attention. I almost cant finish anything. I’ll start a book and can only get through the first 3 pages. I was kind of devastated and worried about how my teachers would view me.

What have you learned about yourself since being diagnosed?

When I started researching, there are pros and cons. There is medicine for ADD and ADHD of course. The thing that I have learned is my brain is working like 10 times faster than my mouth can move. So sometimes, I interrupt people and over-talk people and I’ll finish a sentence for you.

I didn’t really handle it well when people would try to calm me down. I have a temper so controlling my emotions and reactions was hard for me. As I’m growing and becoming more self-aware, I’m able to control how I handle certain emotions better.

I had classes where I was taught to control my emotions when I was back in school. People would think that I was angry when really – I wasn’t. I just was unaware of how to reign myself in. It’s a slower process with me because all of those emotions were going through my head at once.

What do you love about your ADD/ADHD?

I have really great motor skills. I’m really good with multi-tasking. I go at like 100 miles per hour. If I decide I’m going to do anything, its going to happen! I think really outside of the box and its allowed me to keep an open mind. I don’t have a problem with it.

Embrace it, because you are who you are.

How did your diagnosis affect your dating/love life?

Christy and Justin 2

Oh, dating – it’s horrible. I actually got married though. Justin’s in the army so we are traveling a lot. For me, it could be a mix of my personality and my

diagnosis. I’m such an independent thinker and Justin wants me to depend on him. But my husband is perfect. He’s learned what to do and say – and what not to do and say. It can be really irritating because I like to do things myself but when you’re dating, or married you have to let somebody into the deepest parts of your life and let them see all of who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Has medicine helped you in your process to accepting and dealing with your diagnosis? 

I don’t like taking drugs but my anxiety is really bad, but again it all comes to emotions. Medicine helps my frustration and it keeps my mind really focused.


In what ways does ADHD make you a better woman? 

I’m feisty and loyal. I speak my mind and don’t hold anything back. If you have anything to say – just speak it. I’m pretty protective and for my family I’m always there for them. My sister is in school now and I’m here for her at all times. My emotions are enhanced. I’m really passionate about everything and everyone that I care about!




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