Automotive Ad Executive, Rose Gardener & Queen Of Creativity

Francis Mariela is a bilingual communications professional who’s worked at BBC, Telemundo and Univision. Having ADHD has given her extra strength and determination to achieve her goals. When she’s not working, you can find her in her rose garden or hanging with her pet hedgehog named “sushi.” She took the time to create a video just for you about her ADHD experience and advice. Check it out below!


Francis Mariela, 29
Automotive Advertising Executive, TV Producer, & Entertainment Publicist
Fort Myers, FL
ADHD, Hyperactive Subtype
Age of diagnosis: 26


Tell us about your journey to become a communications professional

My work as a business and communications professional actually started at a very young age. I was barely 18 when I started my internship at Telemundo. I was a marketing intern and worked in both Spanish and English.  That really opened the doors for me to want to work in the bilingual field wherever I went. Since then, I’ve been working with BBC, Telemundo, Univision, now at Moore and Scarry. In the past also with REVATI PR Communications, which was my own business.


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ADHD Challenges

The symptoms that I have the most trouble with are definitely being impulsive and just overthinking things. Sometimes I want to be super perfect at everything. Even when I have a tight deadline, I just sit there and overthink it and don’t want to turn in the project, or don’t want to even start. Then other times I have trouble because I’m being really impulsive and I want to make quick decisions without taking the time to think things through. I have dealt with that in my professional life by breaking down projects on a day to day basis and really only taking on things I can handle. Learning how you think will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Advice for fellow ADHD’ers

I think the first step is accepting the fact that you have the condition because then you can look for help and find resources, like I have. Being diagnosed is the first step to really living a better life so you don’t feel like you’re just alone.

The fact that you’re different is not a bad thing. I know a lot of times people make you feel like you’re different in a negative way, just think of the creativity and all the things you have to offer.

Don’t let this condition dictate your future or take a hold of your dreams. Just go for whatever you want and do your best. Just be prepared and plan everything well. If things don’t go well, just keep going. You just never know where you’re going to end up.




What do you wish the world appreciated about women with ADHD?

The one thing that I wish the world knew about women with ADHD is just how passionate we are. We are strong. We’re natural leaders because we overcome so many obstacles on a daily basis just to get things done that normal people just take for granted. When you put us in a professional setting, we thrive because we look for ways to overcompensate what we think we lack, when in reality we don’t lack those things. We’re just born with different things, different talents. You get a superstar.

When businesses hire someone with ADHD, you get a passionate, goal-driven individual. I wish the world knew that that’s the type of person you’re getting when they hire women with ADHD.


Fun Facts

1. I have a pet hedgehog; her name is Sushi. She was given to me by a friend that was moving to Texas and couldn’t take her along.

2. I have a RC car collection because I’m in the automotive industry.

3. I’m an avid rose gardener. I’m actually part of the American Rose Society and have been for a few years. I actually have a few award-winning roses.


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One thing I’m proud of

One thing that I’m proud of is starting over. I had to get up and leave Miami, where I had a business. I had my career. I had everything. I had friends. But I did it because I knew I was going to be better. I left an abusive relationship and I was very proud of myself for doing it. It was not easy. It was very difficult, but I had the supportive friends and family to do it. Now I feel like I have a healthier and happier life because of it. I couldn’t have done it without all the difficult trials, but that’s definitely one of the accomplishments that I’m most proud of today.

Next Adventure?

I think my next adventure will probably be with a non-profit. I think I’m the happiest when I’m helping and volunteering and just bringing joy to someone else’s life.


Learn more and connect with Francis on her Facebook page.

Inspired? Share your story through the Kaleidoscope Society Project and join us in dispelling the stigma around ADHD.  Participate here.



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