The story of Kaleidoscope Society

The story of this project began on May 1, 2015 when I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 29. Like too many other women, I lived with undiagnosed ADHD for years and during that time struggled under the surface with periods of anxiety, depression, sensory overload without an explanation of why I felt the way I did. Even with great friends, family and career, I always had an underlying feeling of being an outsider in society.
Being diagnosed with ADHD was a surprise, but also a huge relief to have an explanation for things I had experienced and never understood. As I started to search for information on ADHD in women, I discovered a huge lack of relatable resources, coupled with stigma and invisibility of the female experience, that was keeping too many of us navig
ating this experience alone. After months of complaining about it, I was compelled to take a stand for myself and the 6 million other women in the U.S. with ADHD, and the idea for Kaleidoscope Society was born.

Now, for the first time, women with ADHD have a platform created just us — a place to share our experiences, celebrate our unique strengths, connect with others and discover resources to help us thrive.

My vision is that one day all women with ADHD will feel celebrated for the unique value they add to the world.


I invite you to share our site with anyone in your life who may have ADHD or mental health professionals who may be interested in getting involved. Thank you to everyone near and far who helped make this idea a reality.


Here’s to all of us embracing what makes us unique, because it’s our differences that make the world a beautiful place to be.



Founder, Kaleidoscope Society


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