College Tips for Women with ADHD

Women with ADHD have the potential to thrive in college – we are smart, we love to learn and meet new people, and our curiosity leads us to make the most of our college years. However, there are elements of the college environment that can be challenging; endless distractions, roommates and cramped quarters, and lack of structure can lead to an unhealthy environment for us. At Kaleidoscope Society we want to help all women with ADHD to thrive in school, and achieve success (whatever that looks like or feels like for you).

Here are a few great resources we found (and we’re working to curate more!):

In College and ADHD? Tips for the First 2 Weeks” by Casey Dixon, PCC, SCAC, BCC, M.S.Ed. August 22, 2015

ADHD Tips From My College Years” by Rae Jacobson, ADHD writer,

College Prep: What You Need to Know” – A guide by


Now we want to hear from you:

  • What was your college experience like with ADHD?
  • What advice do you have for younger women who are currently in school, or thinking about it?
  • What did you wish you knew when you were in school that you know now?
  • If you’re currently in school, what are you struggling with?
  • What great resources have you found to help you study, stay organized and manage your time?


Share your questions, tips or resources in the comments below! 


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