Think you may have ADHD? Here’s how to find out.

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Think you may have ADHD but aren’t sure? Take these 3 steps to find out.

1. Start by taking this free ADHD Self-Test for Women, created by Sari Solden M.S., LMFT. This self-test is not a diagnosis, but it can help you decide if you want to get a professional assessment.

2. Learn more about the ADHD diagnosis process here so you know what is involved, how to seek a diagnosis, and red flags to look out for.

3. Work with a medical professional such as your primary care provider, psychologist or psychiatrist to get evaluated for ADHD. Ask the provider what experience and training they have when it comes to ADHD evaluations. Unfortunately many women with ADHD have been dismissed by doctors, so don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Find a medical professional in your area here.

Unfortunately there are many barriers to getting a proper ADHD diagnosis. High costs, long waitlists, racial and gender bias, and lack of qualified medical professionals in many areas. It can be a long process. If you are able to get a diagnosis it can be a very helpful tool to help you access treatment, resources and support.









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