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The Great ADHD Reset. Illustration of a brain on yellow background

Are you struggling with focus, procrastination, perfectionism? Are you feeling overextended, exhausted, out of balance? Are you seeking a way to live with less stress and greater peace of mind?

You’ve tried to set boundaries, but keep taking on too much and end up feeling overwhelmed. 

The truth is, you don’t have to do ADHD alone, and there is a path forward.  

We created The Great ADHD Reset to help ambitious professionals with ADHD learn compassionate and sustainable solutions to working with their unique brain, so they can reclaim their life and live with an even keel one day at a time – successfully on their own terms.

The Great ADHD Reset is a 9 week professional development program created by Executive Coach Cathy Rashidian and Kaleidoscope Society Founder Margaux Joffe. The strengths-based program helps folks with ADHD better understand their unique brain, so they can build on their strengths, and navigate their career with greater confidence and self-compassion.

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