Fast Company: “What Neurodiversity Is And Why Companies Should Embrace It” by Jenara Neremburg. May 19, 2017 This Is How ADHD Impacts Women And Why Support Communities Matter by By S. Nicole Lane. February 7, 2017

Teen Vogue: “The Kaleidoscope Society Is Smashing ADHD Stigma for Women and Girls” By Brittney McNamara. December 12, 2016

Hello Giggles: “How this organization is fighting the stigma and supporting girls with ADHD” By Cameron Glover. December 12, 2016

Broadly | VICE: “No One Believes You Have ADHD, Especially If You’re a Girl” by Gabby Bess. November 6, 2015

ADDitude Magazine: “Wonder Women: 6 Inspiring ADHD Heroines” by Eileen Bailey. Summer 2016 “Why More Young Women Are Getting Treated for ADHD Symptoms” By Karin Klein. September 4, 2016

Bustle: “How to Survive At Work When You’re A Woman With ADHD” By S.B. CASTAÑEDA. Aug 29 2016


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